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Advice from a show runner

Chris Lloyd (Modern Family): Write from the heart. You can always make a real story funny; you can’t always make a funny story real.


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How do movie stars live on location? In style

I remember hearing about Will Smith’s 2 story high RV, but I didn’t believe it. Well, it’s true.

I just found a video that shows off the incredible trailers and RVs for Will Smith, Robert Deniro, Stallone and more.

See how the other half lives….and then sell your show and live just like this!

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Helping us to help you

Jeanne at Icon in Phoenix.

Learning how to serve our clients better- eating great food.

Jeanne Simon at Icon


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What Networks Want

When talking to Brad Abramson, VP of VH1 Productions and Progamming, he said they were looking for celeb reality shows, they do really well with their audience.  They look for shows that have originality, that are wildly different, interacting characters and their main audience is fun sassy strong women.  One of the most important things in pitching your show is you must be able to pitch more than what happens in show 1. he wants to know what happens in shows 2 thru 8.


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Throwback Thursday

Here I am in my office at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando with the Nick dinosaur. I’m guessing it’s 1991 when I was a Unit Manager on several game showsJeanne and Nick dino-sm including “Make the Grade.” All budgets and schedules were done on Excel at that time. It truly was the dinosaur age!





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Throwback Thursday

I produced Cartoon Networks first live action show with Carrot Top, called  ”Carrot Top’s AM Mayhem.”   His real name is  Scott Thompson and today Carrot Top – with his trademark mop of red hair – is rocking at the Luxor Las Vegas.


Jeanne and Carrot Top, Cropped

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My favorite theme song

NATPE TV cornered Mark not long ago and asked him what his favorite theme song is.

Mark had the answer immediately, and was one of the few people brave enough to start singing his choice (and you REALLY don’t want to hear him sing. Trust us.)

The only problem is, the pressure got him. He got the first line wrong. HA!

Check it out:

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What Networks Want – Nickelodeon


Nickelodeon Logo

Nickelodeon is looking for shows for kids 6 and older.
They are interested in live-action or animated programming that’s funny and
kids are the focus of the story.  They want sitcoms, game shows and other innovative reality
shows. They’re also looking for content creators who are funny themselves and who get kids.

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