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America’s Got Talent is better than it’s been in years. The talent is amazing. The judges are fun. We’ve really enjoyed it.

Wow, what a finale. Matt the Magician does things I’ve never seen (and he’s the first magician to make it to the finals).

Emily West is a star. Whether she wins or not, she’ll be a star. No doubt. She has that X-Factor. She’s a diva.

Miguel Dakota also has a star quality. Emily is better, but girls vote. His charisma will make him a star.

Sons of Serendip need to change their name. The name sucks their talent doesn’t.

We’re not really thrilled with Quintavious, but he is amazing for being only 12 years old.

But Acro Army was the star tonight. They did stunts we’ve never seen before. On TV it’s amazing, I can only imagine what it’s like to see them live. They deserve to win.

We actually care who will win this year. The roll-ins for each talent have been great. We care about them. It’s been interesting and we’ve been entertained.

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Last Comic Standing

Last night we watched the final episode of “Last Comic Standing” and were shocked by who the judges chose as the winner. My whole family thought Nikki Carr was by far the most consistently funny throughout the season.  I was also happy to see that a colleague of mine from the “Clarissa Explains It All” days directed the show, Liz Plonka.





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Menahem Golan – Dead

The famed producer, Menahem Golan, died over the weekend. Back in my early days in the mid-80′s in Hollywood, I (Mark) was offered to art direct that horrible Captain America movie he produced in 1989.

I REALLY wanted to work on it. As most of you know, I’m a huge comic geek. The problem was, I had just signed on to art direct another movie. While my new movie hadn’t started yet, I felt I couldn’t bale on the production so I had to hang my head low and turn down working on Captain America.

So, did I make the right choice? Hard to say. The movie I worked on was Party Line, starring Richard Hatch and Leif Garrett. Hardly a blockbuster. Ever heard of it?

Just the idea of working on a Cap movie was cool. Damn.

Advice from a show runner

Chris Lloyd (Modern Family): Write from the heart. You can always make a real story funny; you can’t always make a funny story real.


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Spider-Man 2, good or bad?

If you don’t think marketing is important…conjure this.

One of  our identical twin boys saw Spider-Man 2 first. He didn’t like it. The trailers made it seem like it would be wall-to-wall action. It wasn’t. He felt let down. All he could talk about was how little action there was.

Of course our other twin, Reece, heard all this. He went to see the movie yesterday with lowered expectations. He heard how little action there was and expected little action.

He really liked the movie. He thought there was more action than he expected.

Expectations do make a difference on whether or not you like a movie.

Remember Jim Carrey’s Cable Man? That dark comedy? It was advertised as a light-hearted Jim Carrey romp. It wasn’t. I hated it when it was in the theaters. Years later I saw it on DVD, with new expectations that it was actually a dark comedy. I really liked it. Same person. Same movie. Different expectations and different results.


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Best Tweet for Game of Thrones

The internet went nuts last night, but one tweet stood out above all others. And it was from George R. R. Martin, the creator.

It said, “You’re Welcome.”

If you saw it, you understand. If you didn’t see it, what the hell are you waiting on?


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What Networks Want

Logo-Oxygen_Network 219234041.

Oxygen’s Core audience is 18 to 34 Millennial women, who are more interested in experiences rather than tangible things. They like personal stories whether they are about well known people or the family next door.  Their audience is bold, irreverent and proudly imperfect. Oxygen’s demographic is mostly coastal and in the Southeast.  In regards to programming and concepts that interest Oxygen, they look for faulted characters who have a fire for optimism.   Good news is that talent for the shows does not have to be just women, men are welcome.




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Annie Awards

Animation fans rejoice. The Oscars of Animation, The Annies, have been handed out.

Frozen took just about every award. Cancelled but not forgotten Futurama ended with yet another award.

Check out all the nominees and winners at

So yes, I’m a geek about animation. But what’s not to love about it. When you’ve outgrown cartoons, you lose your zest for life.

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Wish Wayne Luck!

As many of you know, our head writer, Wayne Carter, is an amazing screenwriter. He writes both film and TV. He’s worked with James Cameron, Dick Donner, Ed McMahon, the president of National Lampoon, Bruce Villanch (punch up guys for ALL the stars) and many others.

Wayne’s original feature script, Pitch Dark, is in the quarter finals of the Screencraft Action Thriller Script Contest.

Let’s see him bring home another great award!

Fox is quitting pilot season

We’re not surprised. The short period of time the broadcast networks produce and pick pilots to go to series is nuts. Cable doesn’t work that way and cable now rules the airways.

Kevin Reilly, chief of Fox, agrees. That’s why they will create and produce as needed, not in a compressed schedule which can hurt the creativity of a show.

We’re asked all the time about development, pitching and pilot seasons. For the most part there isn’t a ‘season’ anymore and now there is less of one.

This is FANTASTIC for all you independent producers. There is no ‘right time’ to pitch, just have a great show and a great pitch.