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Best Tweet for Game of Thrones

The internet went nuts last night, but one tweet stood out above all others. And it was from George R. R. Martin, the creator.

It said, “You’re Welcome.”

If you saw it, you understand. If you didn’t see it, what the hell are you waiting on?


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What Networks Want

Logo-Oxygen_Network 219234041.

Oxygen’s Core audience is 18 to 34 Millennial women, who are more interested in experiences rather than tangible things. They like personal stories whether they are about well known people or the family next door.  Their audience is bold, irreverent and proudly imperfect. Oxygen’s demographic is mostly coastal and in the Southeast.  In regards to programming and concepts that interest Oxygen, they look for faulted characters who have a fire for optimism.   Good news is that talent for the shows does not have to be just women, men are welcome.




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Annie Awards

Animation fans rejoice. The Oscars of Animation, The Annies, have been handed out.

Frozen took just about every award. Cancelled but not forgotten Futurama ended with yet another award.

Check out all the nominees and winners at

So yes, I’m a geek about animation. But what’s not to love about it. When you’ve outgrown cartoons, you lose your zest for life.

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Wish Wayne Luck!

As many of you know, our head writer, Wayne Carter, is an amazing screenwriter. He writes both film and TV. He’s worked with James Cameron, Dick Donner, Ed McMahon, the president of National Lampoon, Bruce Villanch (punch up guys for ALL the stars) and many others.

Wayne’s original feature script, Pitch Dark, is in the quarter finals of the Screencraft Action Thriller Script Contest.

Let’s see him bring home another great award!

Fox is quitting pilot season

We’re not surprised. The short period of time the broadcast networks produce and pick pilots to go to series is nuts. Cable doesn’t work that way and cable now rules the airways.

Kevin Reilly, chief of Fox, agrees. That’s why they will create and produce as needed, not in a compressed schedule which can hurt the creativity of a show.

We’re asked all the time about development, pitching and pilot seasons. For the most part there isn’t a ‘season’ anymore and now there is less of one.

This is FANTASTIC for all you independent producers. There is no ‘right time’ to pitch, just have a great show and a great pitch.

Better Call Saul

That’s right BB fans. Saul Goodman is getting his own spinoff series.

Many reasons for good news. More BB quality stories. More Saul. Probably more of our other favorite baddie characters from the series as well.

Since it’s a prequel, everyone who died in BB will still be able to be on the screen. LOVE IT.

Prepare for more humor, though. Odenkirk is a funny guy. He’s known for comedy.

More details at

Under the Dome – Underwhelming!

Ugh. What a horribly written show. It’s like that disturbing car accident that you can’t help but watch.

We can’t believe it’s the top rated summer show. Except that the concept is cool and it’s based on a Stephen King novel.

Every bad writing device is on display:

* Every character says “What the hell!”

* The characters tell you what the others are like, instead of showing you

* The characters assume they know what the dome is ‘telling’ them. ugh.

* The abused girlfriend keeps ending up alone with Junior. Dumbass.

* The war hero is captured too easily…until he can get out of anything.

* The sleazy politician is believed even after he’s found out to be a crook.

* The widow’s response to finding out her new man murdered her husband 7 days ago? “No more lying if there’s going to be a future for us.”

To quote Saturday Night Live, “Really? Really?”

It pains me to watch it, but I can’t look away. I loved the book…the series, not so much. Two more episodes to find out what the cliff hanger is. I’m assuming it’s going to be if any network exec realizes how bad the writing is and if they hire a new showrunner. But then again, the ratings are high. So who knows?

Your thoughts on the series?


True Blood’s True Death?

HBO just announced that next season will be the last for True Blood. It will truly be the undead for season 7.

Jeanne never got into it, but Mark is a big fan. It will be missed. But until then, let the blood flow!

Will you miss it?

Improv TV

Have you seen the new western comedy on Hulu, Quick Draw? It’s worth a watch. You can see some of the episodes and clips for free on

There’s only a few TV shows which are improved by the actors. The most famous of late has been Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO.

Quick Draw is also improv. The creators write a detailed script, but the actors never see it. Just before they shoot, the director tells the actors what needs to happen in the scene, and then the actors make it happen.

This is not for the faint of heart. Don’t try this with unseasoned improv actors. It takes years of training to make it work, and it works here.

I found a video describing their process that’s worth a watch:

I do have to admit, watching this makes me want to play with my creative friends and see what we can do. Have you tried it?

Mark Simon Helped Killers

Well, he helped a movie about them. Specifically the Lionsgate movie You’re Next.

Mark produced the storyboards and animatics.

Here’s a link to an article about his work in the Biz Journals.