FREE Live Virtual Workshop on “Why Network Execs Say NO”


We’re hosting a FREE live Virtual Workshop Tuesday, October 28th at 9:00 P.M. EST (6:00 P.M. PST)  called

Why Network Execs Say NO.

To Register for the virtual workshop – copy and paste the link below into your web browser: 

You’re never going to get a “YES” on your TV project until you first understand why network execs say “NO”

We can’t wait to share with you what we’ve found out from network execs at the FIVE major conferences we’ve attended this year.

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Throwback Thursday

Funny Photos-Mark-without Scotty-smWilliam Shatner eat your heart out! Here’s Mark, circa 2007, living his dream as Captain of the Enterprise. I think he decided to wipe out all of the Klingons.

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Standard Deal Points Selling Your Television Projects

We would like to share with you some great information from an article we came across by When a company                                                                                                         commits to bring your TV Project to market, they will propose an option agreement that give them the exclusive right to sell your show                                                                                                     to a network for a limited period of time.

TV with money bagOption deals for scripted projects are essentially the same as for reality-based concepts, yet fees and purchase prices are considerably larger in scripted.  Financial and developmental participation in production are negotiable to a point, depending on your industry experience  and what you bring to the table in terms of the marketing of your show.

As in any industry, there are a variety of forces and factors that give shape to the legal structure and content of any deal made.  A television Writer or Producer  with an established track record is likely to receive a more lucrative deal than someone with little or no experience, and are often given more involvement in the actual production of the show. However, there are many industry standards regardless of who you are.

More to follow:

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I never do a job without this book by my side

This is a page  from my book Babies to Teens.  This series of pictures is one of my identical twin sons, Reece, at the age of 3.  Now he is 15 years old…. no more blankie!  I created these two books for artists because I got sick of drawing my own face.

The follow-up print book to the best-selling Facial Expressions series, Babies to Teens,  features photos of 63 models ranging from 3 weeks old to 19 years old.  A new feature in the new book included Age Progressions, showing how people’s features change as they age.

Galleries include:  Skull Gallery,  Expressions Gallery,  Age Progression Gallery,  Phonemes Gallery,  Hats and Headgear Gallery.

There is no other photo reference of children for artists like this one. This needs to be in your personal library. Over 3,200 photos and dozens of works of art with 256 pages.

Check out my new website: Mark Simon Books


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South African Reality Show Pitches

We just came across this article about the South African network M-Net looking for reality show pitches.

If you have a great reality show concept that’s NOT educational but IS for the whole family and especially if it’s of interest to South Africans, check this out.

M-Net is looking for proposals now to set up 10 minute pitches. To submit your proposal go to

To make sure your proposal is as strong as possible, you may want to have a Concept Evaluation with us. Call Denyse at 407-351-0893 to schedule yours and pitch with confidence.

You have less than 2 weeks to get your proposals in, so GET TO IT!
Good luck.

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Pancake art

Well, it’s official. Mark’s insane. He can’t even make breakfast without cartoons.

Not watching cartoons, making them. Mark made pancakes yesterday but had to turn them all into cartoon characters.

Luckily, it was pretty fun.

Check it out:


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Won’t talk on the phone? No chance of selling!

This was a first. I (Mark here) just got an email from someone who was referred to us.

He has an idea for an animated series and wanted to know what his next step was. Great.

I offered him a 15 minute Gift Session, a free call with me, to see where he was with his idea and see what he needs to do next. I told him to simply call Denyse and schedule a call.

He said he prefers email, if that was alright.

No, it’s not alright. It has to be a call. Emails take too much of my time and there is no communication like a conversation. I need to speak with someone to help them.

He replied that he really didn’t like talking on the phone and pushed for emails again.

I declined.

His reply, “Guess I’ll just have to figure out how to do it on my own.”

There is ZERO chance he will ever sell his show. I offered some of my time for free, and he couldn’t even get on the phone.

If you are not willing to talk on the phone and then travel to pitch in person, you have no chance of ever selling your concept. It’s that simple.

What a waste. What a shame.

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Funny Fridays

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Every Three Seconds

Mark and I are financial supporters of this inspiring film produced and directed by Dan Karslake. We recently saw a screening Every 3 Seconds at the Global Peace Festival and it gave us hope there are solutions out there for some tough problems.

Every Three Seconds will be released on October 16th, World Food Day — an international day for the end of hunger sponsored by the United Nations.

Because the right to food is a basic human right, because hunger is solvable in our lifetime, and because the cost of neglect is too high, we wanted to share our film with the world on this important day and be part of the voice calling for change. Since Every Three Seconds is about engaging in a real and sustainable way in the end of hunger and extreme poverty, it feels like the perfect partnership!

Here is the link to their website:

Here is the link to their video:

Scheduled Screenings:

October 17, 2014 New Orleans Film Festival New Orleans, LA
October 29, 2014 Awakened World International Film Festival  Santa Barbara,CA






Funny Fridays –