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Last Comic Standing

Last night we watched the final episode of “Last Comic Standing” and were shocked by who the judges chose as the winner. My whole family thought Nikki Carr was by far the most consistently funny throughout the season.  I was also happy to see that a colleague of mine from the “Clarissa Explains It All” days directed the show, Liz Plonka.





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What Networks Want – amc


Mark Bresaz, Vice President of  Unscripted Programming discussed with me (Jeanne) about what kind of unscripted programming might be right for amc .   Earlier this year they premiered a competition reality show called “Game of Arms.”  It’s an arm wrestling competition featuring strong characters.  amc  is also interested in documentary dramas along the line of the “Men Who Built America”.  Their demographics tends to be movie viewers in general with middle America guys who look for original story telling as their core audience.  amc has a blockbuster line up scripted shows such as  ”Walking Dead” and “Mad Men” and they are always on the look out for reality shows that will complement their scripted programming and keep their core audience watching.

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Menahem Golan – Dead

The famed producer, Menahem Golan, died over the weekend. Back in my early days in the mid-80′s in Hollywood, I (Mark) was offered to art direct that horrible Captain America movie he produced in 1989.

I REALLY wanted to work on it. As most of you know, I’m a huge comic geek. The problem was, I had just signed on to art direct another movie. While my new movie hadn’t started yet, I felt I couldn’t bale on the production so I had to hang my head low and turn down working on Captain America.

So, did I make the right choice? Hard to say. The movie I worked on was Party Line, starring Richard Hatch and Leif Garrett. Hardly a blockbuster. Ever heard of it?

Just the idea of working on a Cap movie was cool. Damn.

Announcing our Hit Maker Summit Guest Speakers/Mentors



August 24-26, 2014

Orlando, FL

Rosen Shingle Creek Resort

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Wayne is getting excited for the Hit Maker Summit

We’re getting more and more elements for our Summit. We just got 2 new banners and Wayne is excited.

Good thing we’ll be in a big room. Damn, that teardrop banner is big!

Thanks to our buddy/client Hector Seda for the awesome laughing photo from a recent Summit that we used on the banner.

HMS-Wayne with banners

Throwback Thursdays


Jeanne and Mel Gibson-sm

Me and Mel Gibson, way back when I worked on Lethal Weapon 2 in LA.

I don’t know what I like better, the shot of me with pre-crazy Mel or the photobomber behind us.


We’re about to start

In just a few minutes we’ll be starting our free webinar, 7 Deadly Sins of Pitching TV.

Don’t miss it.

7 Deadly Sins of Pitching TV

Less than 24 hours before we share these sins with you. Well, warn you about the sins anyway.

Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen…unless you don’t follow our warnings.

It’s free. It’s Tuesday night. It’s full of great info. Over 300 people have registered so far. What have you got to lose?

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Prepping our Hit Maker Summit

We’re spending the weekend and this week working on the details and samples for our upcoming Hit Maker Summit.

Better flow. Better samples. More interactivity. More excitement.

We are SOOOO excited to host this event in August. We have sold HALF the seats already!


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