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We’re hosting a FREE live Virtual Workshop Tuesday, October 28th at 9:00 P.M. EST (6:00 P.M. PST)  called

Why Network Execs Say NO.

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You’re never going to get a “YES” on your TV project until you first understand why network execs say “NO”

We can’t wait to share with you what we’ve found out from network execs at the FIVE major conferences we’ve attended this year.

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Bad idea, Sony

Sony’s choice to cancel the release of The Interview is scary. It’s much scarier than the threats.

This has opened Pandora’s Box of threats from anyone who doesn’t like a movie.

If you don’t like a movie…don’t see it. Pretty damn simple.

Any political or religious nutbag now feels they can shut down someone’s expression with an email threat. That’s scary.

Everyone in the entertainment industry stands to lose. Freedom of expression stands to lose. Publishers stand to lose.

This is worth fighting for. Not this particular movie, but any movie, TV show or visual display. We can’t be shut down because someone doesn’t like it. That’s their problem.

I will be first in line if a theater runs it. I will be the first to buy the DVD, or the VOD.

All it takes is a crack in the armor to take something down. We can’t let this be a crack. If Sony doesn’t have the balls to release the movie, someone else should. We need to show every terrorist that they can’t control what we see or read.

If you don’t think this is a big deal, you’re delusional. It’s a huge deal and it affects all of us. It affects us right NOW.

Let Sony and the distributors know  you disagree with them. Send your letters, make those calls, create emails. Stand up now…or kneel forever.

It is this important.


We are silver

Today is a very special day. Well, it’s special for us, not necessarily for you.

Jeanne and I (Mark) are celebrating our 25th anniversary today.

Over a decade of working together and 25 years of marriage, and still going strong!

We celebrated this past weekend on the beach at St Pete and enjoyed a ride on Segways and meals along the water.

This pic is of the actual ring and ring box I asked Jeanne to marry me with. I built it at HBO when we were working together in LA.

Here’s to creating the next 25!

25th Anniversary





Mark’s first office

When I was 16, my family moved into our new office building. I built out my office (I was VP of our building company) to have my drawing tables and huge bookshelves.

The shelves, as you can see, were filled with thousands of my comic books. I loved having them all out at the same time.


Marks office at Simon Trades Center

True Blood

Mark here. True Blood was one of my favorite series on HBO. I recently picked up the novels that inspired the series.

I’m reading the second book of the series now and (spoiler alert) one of the most interesting characters through the run of the series, Lafayette, dies in the beginning of the book.

This is a great example of how an actor can affect a role and change the direction of a series. Lafayette was so fun to watch, and got so much fan attention, that they saved him and kept him around for the whole series.

The same thing is happening now with Darryl in Walking Dead. He died in the comics but is going strong in the series. I’m glad. I like the character.

TV, movies and books are different mediums and each needs to grow in it’s own way. As long as the original concept is honored, it doesn’t need to be followed exactly. In fact, just duplicating the same thing can result in a boring piece.

Not honoring the original, can be a disaster. For instance, the original series of The Hulk. While it’s fondly remembered, the producers changed Bruce Banner’s name. The name of the lead character. They changed it to David because the thought Bruce sounded to ‘gay-ish’. That’s nuts.

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Storyboard videos

Remember when I (Mark) went to CA recently to produce a bunch of videos for Well, they are live online now.

I shot 67 videos about the Storyboard Pro software I helped develop. 8 of the videos are free for anyone to watch. If you have a Lynda account, you can watch all of them.

If you want to, or need to, work with storyboards, you should check it out. I’m really proud of how these videos turned out. The Lynda group was AMAZING to work with.

Go to

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Nerds win

Big news for a friend of ours, Ken Faire, El Presidente of Nerd Corps animation studios in Canada. DHX is buying Nerd Corp. DHX is HUGE. It owns a number of studios and networks in Canada.

Ken will become SVP and GM for Kids & Family for DHX. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

In fact, the members of our Hit Maker Tour to Kidscreen Summit last year had the opportunity to meet with Ken and pitch their shows to him. You can see a pic here of Ken handing his cards to our Tour members.

Hit Maker Summit meets with Ken Faire from Nerd Corp.

Hit Maker Summit meets with Ken Faire from Nerd Corp.


Here’s a link to an article about the deal:


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Every artist needs a little Inspiration

The Facial Expressions books were created back in 2005 by Mark Simon.  Mark was tired of looking into the mirror
and drawing his own face. So he talked his family, neighbors, friends and even strangers
into letting  him photograph them making faces they only made in a mirror when no one else was around. Bk-Cover-Expressions, small.

While those in the book may wonder about Mark’s sanity; the enthusiastic response from artists around the world has made
Facial Expressions a best seller.

Shameless plug…. this book with over 3,200 photos would make a great stocking stuffer for the artist in your life.


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FREE Live Virtual Workshop on “Why Network Execs Say YES” + “Free Giveaway”


Tuesday, November 18th at 9:00pm EST and 6:00pm PST

Hosted by Mark and Jeanne Simon  

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with Mark or Jeanne Simon  

We can’t wait to share with you what we’ve found out from network execs at the FIVE major conferences we’ve attended this year.

You’re never going to get a “YES” on your TV project until you first understand why network execs say “YES”

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Development of a hit series

Mark here. I just found this great 15 minute video about the making of my favorite animated series from when I was a kid, Jonny Quest.

It was the first true adventure animation for kids. Real threats. People died. The animation looked like a moving comic book. It was cool.

Check it out.


What Networks Want at Realscreen Summit 2015 by Pivot

Update from Belisa Balaban, EVP, Original Programming for Pivot who will be at  Realscreen Summit

WHAT THEY WANT: A well thought-out concept that demonstrates an understanding of Pivot’s network objectives.  As part of the Participant Media family, the net is geared towards millennials who have a sense of social justice and concern for the world around them.

HOW TO PITCH:  Balaban says it helps to first run a log-line by the network, so they can decide whether the show fits into its filter. “From there, I like to hear, read and see whatever materials have gotten producers to the place where they can really see the show,” she says.

PITCHING DON’TS:  Don’t approach the net without the necessary homework.  She adds that, in a meeting, if her team identifies concerns with the idea, producers should listen and be open to coming up with a solution.

Target Audience/Demo: 18 to 34 year old “upstanders’ who are interested in learning about the world and making an impact.  Treatment or Tape?  Treatment.   Program One offs?  Yes

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